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Price Match Policy

windoor's price match policy

Competitive pricing is what we do. In the event that our prices are higher, we will make every effort to match or better them, always - just tell us - we won't disappoint you.


best window and door pricesDon't forget, we need to compare like product to beat prices. If you want us to beat the price of a Lotus Door for one from Swartland that is similar, it may very well be possible, but they are manufactured differently and have different properties, so the price difference is warranted.

For example, if you say a 2-panel front door from Builders Warehouse is cheaper than a 2-panel door from Windoor, and you ask us to beat the price, we need to know if you are comparing the same products.

Are the guarantees the same? Are they made the same way i.e. solid wood, VLC (Veneered Laminated Core - Swartland Doors, Solid Doors doors, TDM doors, Macneil Doors are VLC)? Will the doors or windows stand up to the environment that you are putting them into i.e. are the doors fully exposed to the elements, partially or fully under cover, interior or to be used as a trestle table?

Do you live in a high wind area and have asked for the price on a patio door from a hardware merchant who just sells windows and doors? Are you aware that the door may blow off its track, leak and rattle should the wind rating exceed what it is made to withstand? We will ask you these questions to determine you receive the correct product first before selling you just anything.

Also, you may think that going to a manufacturer directly will nett you better pricing, but then you would be mistaken. Manufacturers operate off list prices that are recommended selling prices, which are the prices that you generally pay. Brave merchants may offer you a discount of a few percent here and there, but no one, apart from Windoor, has the volume an country wide distribution network to offer you discounts across entire ranges, continuously, anywhere in the country - and across our borders.

We supply more windows and more doors online but still offer personal service, sound advice and a pleasant shopping experience, and we are specialists in doors, windows and glass. We look after you and your interests before offering solutions.